Instant REST APIs

Auto generate fully secure REST APIs with Swagger Documentation
on any SQL database within seconds.

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Completely Secure

  • Builtin Session based authentication, CORS.
  • Fully automated workflow with verify email, forgot password, reset password.
  • Built in Facebook/Google authorisation. Easily extendable Social Media Authorisation.
  • Auth0, Firebase Auth, AWS Cognito Support - (coming soon).
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Swagger API Specifications

  • Generates Swagger APIs for all REST endpoints by default.
  • Modularised for simplicity : Each router file is associated with a Swagger Spec.
  • Share your API specification with team and stakeholders easily.
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Role Based Access Control (RBAC/ACL)

  • Restrict access to APIs based on roles.
  • Intuitive GUI to manage roles (full of colors).
  • Powerful CLI to add/edit/remove roles and access for entire application
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1-Command API Generation

  • Create REST APIs with powerful CLI tool.
  • Generates fully functional express app with ACL and many other features.
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1-Click API generation

  • Create REST APIs with powerful Desktop app.
  • Even Your Mum can do this - its that simple :)
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Relations : HasMany & BelongsTo

  • Foreign Key relations are automatically detected.
  • Relation routes and APIs are automatically generated.
  • Supports `Has Many` & `Belongs To`.
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Powerful Aggregate APIs

  • Not just CRUD APIs - powerful aggregate queries are automatically generated.
  • Easy and minimal to understand.
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GUI Scaffolds of Modules & APIs

  • Code generated automatically on change of schema.
  • Automatically backups old model file on edit of table.
  • Folks, This cannot get any easier!
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CLI Scaffolding of modules too

  • Even multiple modules/tables could be generated at once.
  • `xc man` for more details .
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