A Revolutionary Database Client

At the heart of our product is a fully featured Database GUI Client
that generates schema migrations and API source code
as you design/change schema

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Design Schema like it is 2020

  • Tool auto-generates up and down schema migrations scripts as you point and click database.
  • A fully featured Database Client with our API framework for all your database needs.
  • You can even create columns from JSON as well!
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Never sweat about
Schema Migrations!

  • Schema migrations are auto-magically created for you as and when you edit schema!
  • Both Up/Down Schema changes are created automatically!
  • You will never go back to CLI schema design!
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Manage multiple environments like a boss

  • Apply / Revert schema changes across environments seamlessly
  • Come on you go to admit now that you have woken up to a developer's dream today
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Add multiple databases to same project

  • No longer adding multiple database within same project a pain
  • And their migrations work seamlessly as well
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SQL query editor

  • In addition to GUI based Database management we provide SQL query editor.
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Bookmarks & collections

  • It supports query history and bookmarks for referring queries later.
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Scaffolds code as you change database

  • Code scaffolding while changing table can be enabled to make API uptodate.
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