instantly on any Database.

Three Revolutionary Products Forged Into One

  1. 1-Click API framework
  2. A Revolutionary Database & API Client
    • Point & Click Schema Design & Migrations 🙌
    • Debug APIs & Performance Test them too 🙌
  3. A Hybrid Serverless Framework
    • Write APIs Once & Run Serverlessly on any Cloud Platform.


Why XgeneCloud ?

Turn Months' worth of API Development Efforts into Seconds!
Yes, Seconds !

Ship products at a speed never possible before!
  • You have spent 0.0 Seconds on our website
  • In the same time you could have saved $ 0
  • Future is API Economy - make the most of it!
  • Saves fortune and two in your API Lifecycles
  • Amazing Return on Investments
  • Move a needle in your EBITDA margins!
Make great margins.
Let us worry about the boring bits.
  • You have spent 0.0 Seconds on our website
  • In the same time you could have saved 0.0 man hours.
  • Take on Large Scale Projects.
  • Save on Development effort.
  • Save on Server Costs.
Build your dream project!
We have your back.
  • You have spent 0.0 Seconds on our website
  • In the same time you could have generated 0 APIs.
  • Turn yourself into a Wizard
  • Build solutions On internet.

How It Works?

Simple setup - Just takes Two minutes.
Prerequisites : Node.js & Database.

$ npm i -g xc-cli
👆 🙌
Simple installation
  • Install CLI  : npm install -g xc-cli
  • Install GUI  : xc app.install
  • Open GUI  : xc app.install
  • Uses widely popular Express.js :
    > 50 Million downloads / month

$ xc new project

👆 🚀
Connect to Database
  • Enter Database Credentials
  • Choose REST / GraphQL APIs
  • APIs generated with MVC code

What is XgeneCloud ?

XgeneCloud is an API platform that creates APIs that are
instant, serverless and assisted by great developer tools.

XgeneCloud: A Revolutionary API Platform

XgeneCloud: A Revolutionary API Platform

XgeneCloud: Detailed Overview

XgeneCloud: Detailed Overview

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Let us stretch your imagination

Instant REST APIs

  • Auto-generates REST APIs with Code for any given database
  • Auto-generates Swagger API Specifications
  • Fully Secure with built in authentication
  • Fine Grained Access Control (RBAC/ACL)
  • Easily extenisble: add model validation and business logic seamlessly
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GraphQL APIs

  • Solution for N+1 problem with use of data loaders
  • Autogenerates GraphQL schema from database
  • Relations
  • ACL
  • Aggregate APIs
  • Generate APIs with 1-Command
  • Generate APIs with 1-Click
  • Scaffold APIs for a Table : GUI
  • Scaffold APIs for a Table : CLI
Read more

GUI based
schema migrations

  • Design Schema like it is 2020
  • Never sweat about
    Schema Migrations!
  • Manage multiple environments like a boss
  • Add multiple databases to same project
  • SQL query editor
  • Bookmarks & collections
  • Scaffolds code as you change database
Read more

API Client

  • Debug
  • Maintain API collections
  • Performance Tests
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  • AWS Lambda
  • GCP Cloud Function
  • Azure Function App
  • Alibaba Function Compute
  • Zeit Now
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Smart Terminal

  • Shortcuts to Shortcuts


  • Dark theme
  • Colorful Themes
  • Adjust colors to your heart's desire

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